Welcome to 2018 WIRs Michael Hingston and Darrin Hagen!

Michael Hingston
Regional WIR
Darrin Hagen
A journalist and best-selling author, Michael Hingston’s work has appeared in Wired, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, The Guardian, Atlas Obscura, The Daily Beast, Hazlitt, Salon, The Walrus, and The Globe and Mail. He has written on topics including Roald Dahl, salt and why everything in Alberta is named after Winston Churchill. Hingston is also the co-founder of Hingston & Olsen Publishing, home of the Short Story Advent Calendar. more A playwright, actor, sound designer, composer, performer, director and TV host, Darrin Hagen is the Artistic Director of Guys In Disguise, currently celebrating three decades of drag comedies that have toured across North America. He has received seven Sterling Awards for his work in the Edmonton theatre scene, and over 40 nominations. more
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