Summer Events and Housekeeping

I was away for the month of July but I’m back now and slowly catching up on things. One exciting (and heartbreaking) thing that happened last month was the World Cup of Soccer and Literature. It took a heroic goal in the final moments of extra time but Germany pulled it off. Much to the chagrin of Argentina (and Borges) fans like myself.

Congratulations to Germany and to Gunter Grass, author of The Tin Drum for winning this year’s World Cup of Literature. You can check out this classic book right now from the EPL. Right here.

Moving on to upcoming events, we have a special Writers’ Corner coming up on August 31st. This is special for 2 reasons: First, because we don’t usually have a Writers’ Corner in August. Second, because author Laurence Miall is going to be in town to promote the release of his first novel, Blind Spot. Laurence used to live in our fair city and Blind Spot is actually set in Edmonton. We are going to talk about these things with him and Laurence may even read a bit from his new book.

This event will be on August 31st at 1:30pm in the Strathcona EPL Branch so please join us for a lovely chat.

Speaking of Laurence Miall and Blind Spot- Michael Hingston of the Edmonton Journal has a 4 part column that maps out the lifespan of a novel and this column will all be centered on Miall and his novel Blind Spot. Check out Part One of the column here.

Read the column and then come to the Writers’ Corner on August 31st to welcome Laurence Miall back to Edmonton and help him celebrate the release of his first novel. Hooray for everyone!

Finally, there is something coming up over the Labour Day long weekend. It is called the  3 Day Novel contest. This is where people try to write a novel in 3 days. Should I do it? Will you do it with me? It sounds fun but also scary. Maybe I’ll give it a shot.