World Cup of Literature: Group E

Group E is made up of Switzerland, France, Ecuador, and Honduras. Here are the books that will be representing them:

Switzerland: Hermann Hesse, “Steppenwolf

France: Victor Hugo, “Les Miserables

Ecuador: Jorge Enrique Adoum, “Between Marx and a Naked Woman”

Honduras: Eduardo Bahr, “The War Story”

What is the deal with this group? I have no idea. Did you know that before Les Miserables was a movie it was also a musical? And before that it was also a book, did you know that? It is the classic tale of heroism, betrayal and redemption at a turning point in France’s history. The book has very little singing though.

Hermann Hesse is a former German turned Swiss citizen. He was a novelist, poet, and philosopher. Steppenwolf is a blend of eastern mysticism and western culture. It is Hesse’s most celebrated book and it looks like a wild ride. Let me know if you’ve read this one before.

Did you know that Jorge Enrique Adoum was Pablo Neruda’s personal secretary for two years in Chile? I didn’t know that before I looked it up on Wikipedia. Adoum’s novel, translated as “Between Marx and the Naked Woman” won the top literary prize in Mexico, which was the first time it was ever awarded to a foreigner. The novel was also made into a film in 1996 and was nominated for several Spanish language film awards around the world.

Finally there is Honduras. Little is known about Eduardo Bahr’s novel “The War Story” except that it is about the conflict between Honduras and El Salvador in 1969. He seems like a cool guy but Honduras beat Canada in qualifying last year and I’m still upset about it so I won’t say anything more.

My soccer picks: France, Switzerland

My literature picks: France, Ecuador


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