Blogging: Beyond Self Promotion

I’m not a natural blogger. I think it has something to do with the old adage my parents repeatedly insisted: “Don’t talk about yourself, don’t blow your own horn. Let your works and your ways speak for themselves.”

My job as Writer-in-Residence at Strathcona County Library demands that I blog, so I’m sitting in the passenger seat, this time around, and learning from co-Metro Libraries Federation WiR Jason Lee Norman. He’s our guest lecturer at SCL in March  and his topic is — you guessed it — “The Blogosphere”. I’m looking forward to learning more about social media, about the voice of the blog and how to be “out” on the net, engaging in meaningful dialogue about life.

Jason’s talk is one of a series of FREE workshops offered by the four libraries that make up the Federation:  Strathcona County, Edmonton Public, Fort Saskatchewan and Saint  Alberta Public Libraries.

Here in Strathcona County, where I’m happily ensconced until the spring, we’re hosting a more or less bi-eekly circle of between 12 and 16 keen writers  who explore together various elements of the writing life. Jason Norman will be our guest in March, but,before that, there’s the Big SpeakEasy.

Dust off your Great Gatsby flapper dress and come out to protest censorship. Hummmm, perhaps that’s something I need to  blog about …


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