Different voices, same song

One of the joys of this job — and I’m just discovering them as they unfold — is reading work outside my regular scope. I’m talking about the material that’s pouring in over the transom now that the job has officially begun: kids lit, fan fiction, post apocolyptic writing, even the odd poem. It’s great digging into the work and discovering the many genres, voices and styles out there.

I think knowing there are others wrestling with the pages, trying to make sense of their world through writing, makes all of us feel a little less alone. We’re writers, uniquely gifted and compelled to put our myriad thoughts down on paper. Today I’m celebrating the fact that each voice is so unique and each piece of writing varied.

I’m glad to be reading and I’m hoping to meet some of you face to face Saturday Jan 11th. Come out to Strathcona County Library and say hello. We’ll have a cup of coffee and talk writing. I, personally, can’t think of anything else I’d rather do.

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