The Writer-in-Residence is IN

Lucy-van-pelt-1-A bit like Charlie Brown’s nemesis Lucy, with her lemonade/psychiatrist stand, comic book creator Charles Schultz nudged his readership towards radical communication and deeper conversations with each other.

Strathcona County Library and, indeed, the Metro Edmonton Library Federation, has done the same thing by establishing their Writer-in-Residence program as an opportunity for anyone to pull up a chair and have a conversation with either myself or downtown WIR Jason Norman about their writing. Aspirations, edits, problematic areas, post modernism, genre writing, graphic novels, dramas, publishers, or rejection slips, it’s all wide open {just like the view from my Sherwood Park office} and I’m keen to share ideas and energy with you.

A week Saturday is the “official” meet the Writer in Res here at SCL, but I just wanted to let you know, like Lucy,  the Regional WIR is In.

Drop a line, fire off some writing and lets get acquainted. /mm

3 thoughts on “The Writer-in-Residence is IN

  1. Dear sir,
    I am Victor Ajero an emerging writer,Residing in south Africa.I have an unpublished chap book of 42 poems .I am looking for a good publisher and also a writer in residence program.I have short stories in the works . I will appreciate any help i can get

    Thanks in advance for your consideration


    • Sorry Veektor, the WIR program is for patrons of the participating libraries. You should look for someone closer to home who can give you suggestions.

  2. received your phone message – was at book club discussing ‘indian horse’ – got
    website from friend who met with you last week (at my suggestion) How do i make an appt – friend said there was a schedule but i couldn’t find at first glance. thank you for returning call. library my second home!

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