October Writing Prompt

A special writing prompt this month–from your neighbours in Strathcona County!  On September 15th, as part of Neighbour Day, there was a community story. Everyone added a sentence or two.

Can you figure out how the story should end? (story copied and pasted as it was written)

On the morning that everything changed, I stepped out my front door to get the papers. There on my lawn was my neighbour and he was doing the CRAZIEST thing…

He was mowing my lawn.  It was as though he didn’t even know there was a bird sitting on his head. And the bird made a nest on his big, bald head. Then it laid an egg.  Soon after a squirrel came along….The squirrel took the egg.  He took the egg to his home and cooked it making bird soup. Oh that’s a silly squirrel, squirrels don’t eat birds, they eat bacon!

The bird was very upset for that was her egg, her baby. The squirrel was out of line. The bird then went to the local neighborhood community league to make her grievance. The neighborhood told her to take her problems to court; so off she went. She was one angry bird, the judge ruled in her favor and the squirrel was very scared!  The raccoons and the magpies were all on the squirrel’s side and they talked to the squirrel and said that she should try for an appeal. The squirrel was going nuts!

The raccoons and magpies tried to think of something nice that they could do to help the squirrel feel better.  They were sad that she was sad.  They decided to gather some acorns for the squirrel and her family.  So, they all got together in the park and tried to find as many acorns as they could… So the magpie started looking and looking for some nuts for the squirrel, then…..all of a sudden…..another neighbor popped his head out the front door and he was doing the craziest thing…. talking to his daughter Hannah whose best friend is Megan. Then the neighbor’s dog started barking and barking which woke up the newborn baby.  He was running around bumping into trees.  When he was bumping into trees he knocked out his cat.  The cat was not happy so he ran up his back. Hannah and Megan went to meet their two best friends, Cara and Jasmin, at the mall. They all went shopping and had lots of fun! but then the squid and the cat ate each other, then killed joe.  Thunder roared, and lightning split the sky.  It poured magic rain that brought everyone back to life: the cat, the squid, and the baby bird! The animals all got together and threw a party! The party got too crazy and the cops came. They saw that the party was so fun that they joined in.  The firemen were enjoying their naps and potluck dinner when the bell rang. Off they went to see what the commotion was about. They came up the street and saw why they were called… one of the cops heads were on fire!!!  The firemen jumped into action and got out their extinguisher and sprayed the cops head.  The cop said thank you and went back to partying.  The firemen were about to leave when they heard polka music coming from the house.  They suddenly found themselves dancing to it for the rest of the night.  The next day everyone was passed out on the floor from too much partying. The firemen got up and went into the kitchen to make some breakfast.  They had fun.  The next day a little bird came out of his home in a hollow tree. There was a woodpecker sitting on a branch and a squirrel searching for nuts. After the squirrel was done he came down through a hole on one side of the tree. He saw a hawk flying in circles then it shot down it was heading towards him. The squirrel leaped to another tree and threw nuts at it. The hawk swooped down at it again. Then before it came the woodpecker came down and picked the squirrel up with its claws. The squirrel was riding on the back of the bird. They could see all over Sherwood Forest. The houses, the people, the shops and the schools. The squirrel jumped off when they found a good place to play. The squirrel then started to climb a nearby tree to collect some nuts for the winter, it was already autumn and the squirrel hadn’t collected any nuts. About an hour had passed and the squirrel had collected only 20 nuts, “Geez collecting nuts is nutty”.

Soon, the squirrel stumbled upon a farm where there was a whole bunch of nuts.

“This is nut paradise!”

He jumped into the barrel of nuts and almost drowned in all of the nuts.

Soon, the owner of the farm house looked into the barrel and found the fat squirrel and all of his nuts were gone! Now the very fat squirrel panicked and scampered around the barrel as the farmer tried to swoop him into a net! The farmer ran back to his tractor and started driving it toward it.

The squirrel scrambled across the field. He had to dodge all the cows roaming around. He climbed into a gopher hole to hide. The farmer went back to his farm and went back to work. In the hole the squirrel found a gopher. They became friends and had a PARTY!!!!  Then a rabbit came over to join them.  It really was a hoppin’ good time!

I have a beautiful brown rabbit living next to my car under a spruce tree.  My Japanese friend told me years ago, that to see a rabbit is good luck.  So each morning I make sure  he/she is fed. One day, I went outside, I couldn’t see the rabbit, but when I got to the grocery store, it was in my car!



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