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From now until October 15th, enter to win two fabulous books!

In a small Catskill Mountain town, someone is murdering her patients. Physician’s Assistant Annie Wolfe prays for someone, anyone, to stop the violence. After New York state police Captain Ronen Marvelic is assigned to the investigation, Annie soon learns that wishes, while coming true, can backfire. In more ways than one.



I was smarter. I was always smarter. A little cut-cut, drip-drip, blood saved and sprinkled.

Stuck in Yellowknife with her crazy grandmother, AJ is one angry girl. She’s lonely, too, and her blog has become her main source of contact with the world. It is there she reveals her innermost hurts—the absence of her mother, who has gone back to school; and of her father, who abandoned AJ when she was just a little girl; and the moving around she and her mother have had to do every few years for reasons she has never understood. And recently, she’s begun to cut herself—a powerful habit and shame she is trying to overcome.

Then a festival is held in Yellowknife, and AJ is befriended by a travelling musician, a man to whom she finds herself instantly drawn. Soon, she realizes that he may be her father.

Or is he?

Anita Daher’s chilling new novel will grip you completely from beginning to shocking end.

To enter the draw, email your name to regionalwir (at), or stick it in the designated boxes at the EPL/St. Albert/Fort Saskatchewan/Strathcona Library. Winner will be announced on October 15th and will have a month to collect the items from St. Albert Library. If they don’t collect the books by November 15th, the prizes will go to the next name drawn.

PLEASE NOTE: You do NOT have to enter the writing prompt to be entered in the draw. However, those who submit a writing prompt will be automatically entered to win.

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