Michael Ondaatje Talk Tonight

The award-winning poet/novelist and author of The English Patient will be doing a talk tonight on his latest story The Cat’s Table. You can find out more & buy tickets here.

I know it’s a super snowy day here in Edmonton, but it promises to be an informative and entertaining talk.  I had an opportunity to join the morning workshop he held at MacEwan University this morning and thought I’d offer a few of his interesting perspectives.

Did you know:

Ondaatje encourages the reading of authors who are not in your genre to both expand out your knowledge and skill?

He begins his stories with an image and sits in the scene, writing it out until he gets another image (and so, he doesn’t actually write with the entire story in his mind).

He’s a huge believer in re-writing (“that’s how I save my books,” he says with a laugh.)

He writes out all his stories by hand and says he’s faster at handwriting than typing.

Once his work is published, he doesn’t read it again.


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