Words in 3D – May 24-26

A Wise and Witty Address

Who better to give a keynote address on new ways of editing and publishing than one of Canada’s premier editors, Rosemary Shipton?

Shipton has a multitude of accomplishments under her belt—she is an award-winning editor of trade and scholarly books and has received three teaching awards from Ryerson University, where she coordinated the publishing program for 17 years. In honour of her life’s work, she received an honorary doctorate from Trinity College, University of Toronto in 2007.

And Shipton writes as well—in 2012 her essay The Mysterious Relationship: Authors and Their Editors, was published in a book entitled Editors, Scholars, and the Social Text, published by the University of Toronto Press. Shipton admits to loving the arts (she has edited several stunning art books) and teaching, because it keeps her in touch with younger generations. She attributes her success to her “very curious mind” and her love of learning something new every day, something we are sure the audience will experience in this address from a wise and witty woman.

Rosemary Shipton will be giving the Saturday morning keynote address Publishers, Writers, and Editors: A New Configuration. Check out our other fantastic keynote addresses:

Early Bird Deadline April 3!

It’s full steam ahead for the Words in 3 Dimensions conference, which is being co-hosted by the Get Publishing Communications Society, the Editors’ Association of Canada – Prairie Provinces Branch, and the Writers’ Guild of Alberta, on May 24–26, 2013.

With the Alistair MacLeod kick-off event still 10 weeks away, more than half of the conference spots have already been snapped up. And no wonder!

The lineup is spectacular, and includes the editor and co-founder of Eighteen Bridges magazine, Curtis Gillespie, poet (and organic farmer) Jenna Butler, and copyright lawyer and author, Jeananne Kathol Kirwin. These three Edmontonians lead the way for a bevy of writers, editors, and publishers who hail from across the country.

Register today. Our chat rooms and pre-conference sessions allow limited registration and are filling up quickly. The early bird deadline is also fast approaching. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Making Your Mark at the Blue Pencil Cafe

Saturday’s Blue Pencil Cafe provides a forum for conference goers to meet face to face with a professional writer or editor to ask questions about writing and editing.

The Blue Pencil Cafe’s author-mentors will review and give feedback on writing samples up to three pages long. They can also answer your questions about the literary life and publishing, and respond to your ideas for books, articles, and projects. Editor-mentors will explain the ins and outs of a career wielding the editor’s pen, whether it be blue or red, real or electronic.

Here are three reasons why the Blue Pencil Cafe is such a popular session (and why you should sign up early):

  1. You will receive practical advice that is straight from the heart.
  2. You will meet interesting and accomplished professionals who share your passion for words.
  3. You will realize that it is possible to make a living using words as your tools.

Learn How to Promote Like a Pro

Gone are the days when publishers spent wads of cash promoting books. These days, promotion is often left up to authors, though thanks to the Internet, there are many ways for authors to promote their work. If you’re not sure where to begin, don’t despair. Words in 3 Dimensions offers a lifeline.

Attend Stop the Presses: Publicity in Our 3D World presented by professional publicist Rachael Sentes, whose speciality is building her clients their own personal publicity platform. In this session, you will learn how to make websites, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and YouTube work for you and you will get practical advice on how to navigate the choppy waters of the publishing world.

You can also register for the pre-conference session Personal Branding: Get Taken Seriously by Taking Yourself Seriously. Liz Greenaway and Pam Brierley will help you build a personal branding toolbox that includes professional looking photos, targeted bios and relevant social marketing presence.

For details on these sessions and on the many other opportunities that await you at Words in 3 Dimensions, visit the conference website.

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