Raccoons On The Move

freeimage-3222825One day, three little raccoons named Junior Ricky and Rosie were walking home when they smelled some tasty honey. They decided to follow the scent the sweet smell of the honey led them to a big, dark cave.

The raccoons ran into the cave and scattered in three different directions to look for the honey.

Rocky scurried to a large dark lump. The smell of honey was strongest there. Rocky was really excited. His eyes went wide and his whole body tingled! He opened his mouth as wide as it could go and took a big bite of bear! Oh No! It wasn’t honey at all! Rocky got a mouthful of gross, furry, fuzzy, dry bear hair!

Joe the bear jerked awake. ”What the heck just happened? Who are you, why are you here, and why are you biting me?”

“I thought you were a big lump of honey,” squeaked Rocky in a high scared voice. Then he turned and ran to the middle of the cave, calling for his siblings. “Junior! Rosie! We have to get out of here. I accidentally bit a bear and now he’s going to eats us!”

“I’m sorry you think that way but I’m not going to eat you!” said the bear sleepily.

“You’re lying! You are going to eat us!” said Rocky.

Joe opened his mouth in a big yawn. Rocky yelled, “Run! He’s going to eat us!”

“No!” said Joe. “I was just yawning. You woke me up and I’m still sleepy.”

Rocky and his siblings ran out of the cave, looking for a small place to hide where the bear couldn’t get them. They ran for the forest but as they were crossing the street, they tripped and fell into a sewer.

“Oh no!” said Rosie, “the bear is coming to eat us!”

“No I’m not,” said Joe. Instead, he pulled them out.

The four animals went back to Joe’s cave where they ate honey and became friends.

6 thoughts on “Raccoons On The Move

  1. Wow, great story kids. Those racoons sure were lucky the bear was so understanding. I think he must have been hibernating. I was happy when the bear saved them at the end… what a nice surprise. Keep up the great work!

  2. Good story. You showed that what you expect is not always what you get and it is important to realize that sometimes people get so busy expecting a bad thing to happen they can miss the good things right in front of them. Good job.

  3. I loved it! Really enjoyed picturing the sleepy, bleary-eyed bear stumbling out of bed as the raccoons totally freaked out. Had a very cartoony feel to it 🙂 The unexpected turn of events kept me reading, and the notion that not all bears are out to eat us is heartwarming. Keep up the good work!

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