Follow Up to “Dream Interpretation” Session

What an excellent Sunday–dreams, writing, and excellent company! Thanks to all who came out to the session.For those who couldn’t make it, here’s three things to know about dreaming & its link to writing:

1) Dreams are symbolic and speak in metaphor & associations.

2) When interpreting a dream, it’s best to follow character/plot/setting & think of what that image means to you (for example, if an elephant is in your dream, what does it represent to you? Memory? Tradition? A link to the past? Family?)

3) Once you learn your dream language, you can then start using the same skills to boost your descriptive writing.

For more information, try these books:

Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams, by Eugene Gendlin

The Dream Mind How and Why We Dream By Naughton, Bill

The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Symbols, Signs and Dream Interpretation  By O’Connell, Mark*

*Attendees of the session will remember I said that dreams are subjective & dream books that have a one-size/one-interpretation fits all doesn’t work. I stand by that statement. However, these books are great resources for priming your own association & reference points.


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