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So you’ve published a fun, sassy book – had some success – garnered buzz – even hired a publicist for a little bit to help you reach the media – but what happens when your time with your publicist has come to an end and you want to continue promoting your project?

Send that old fashioned thank you note – Yes!  THAT thank you note.  Surely there were some media outlets that loved your book and either reviewed it or gave you a mention?  Send them either a hand written thank you or an email – you’ll be surprised at how many relationships are cultivated from one simple thank you

Social Media – you’re probably on Facebook – but how about your book?  Create a separate page for your book.  Hold weekly contests for a free signed copy and downloads; tease your audience with excerpts from your next title – Tweet, Google + – use all available means to keep up the buzz – in fact, offer the title as a free download via Amazon

Blog Tours – a very low cost way to secure 10+ reviews from online bloggers – which usually causes the +1 effect and other online reviewers requesting copies to read and review

A little help from your friends – solicit reviews from your friends and family and ask them to recommend your title on Amazon

Follow up – you were most definitely provided with a wrap up report and contact list from your publicist – use that list to send a “Hi, How ya doin’?” email to each contact that was sent the book and who they corresponded with – stay relevant!

Schedule a book signing or reading – call your local Mom & Pop store and book an intimate event where you read excerpts and do a Q&A with a signing after – the store will most likely co-promote this with you

Communicate – see an article you like that might tie in with your book?  Email the journalist and tell them you enjoyed their piece and have a similar subject matter that could make for a great follow up – their emails are usually at the bottom of the article

MindiBlack & blue star is the vision of founder, Mindi Sue, who has spent numerous years in the entertainment industry refining her skill set at both major and independent record labels and marketing agencies before making the jump to launch black & blue star. In addition to negotiating contracts and endorsement deals for talent, Mindi’s experience includes national radio promotion, publicity and marketing.

She holds an MBA in Sports & Entertainment Management from the University of San Francisco and a BA in Communications from Hofstra University. Phone: 310.924.5651 or email her at



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One thought on “Guest Post – Publicist Mindi Sue

  1. I loved working with Mindi – she just seemed to have so much more get up and go and so much more enthusiasm than the firm of publicists I used in the UK. She also had more success in getting the message out there and it showed me that there are many aspects to leveraging publicity. I’d say that marketing a book (especially a first one) is harder than writing one – ask any author who has been there and they are likely to nod their head in agreement. So yeah, adding to Minid’s top tips: my two – (1) Do your research before buying a publicist so you pick wisely – you only get one chance at the launch. and (2) be driven by the mission; the purpose of the book. That is what sustains you when you are working late into the night, writing the blogs, sending out op-ed pieces, emailing journos; doing the tweets, and all the other stuff that goes with the promoting of your book .

    My book btw – “grrlAlex: a personal journey to a transgender identity” in case you curious 🙂 x

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