Corinne_2-ThrivingCorinne Jeffery was born in a farmhouse in Duff, Saskatchewan in 1945, and raised in Manitoba from the age of five. A graduate of the Brandon General Hospital School of Nursing with a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Manitoba, she is a former educator with Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton. After many years in Winnipeg, she moved to St. Albert, Alberta, where she has been a long-time resident with her husband and family. Corinne has always been a writer at heart and finally put pen to paper for her first works of fiction, the Understanding Ursula trilogy. Thriving: 1920-1939 is her second novel.

Find out more about Corinne on her website and follow her on Facebook & Twitter:  @corinnejeffery1.

Arriving book coverEngaging, enveloping, and emotional, Arriving: 1909–1919 is the first book in the Understanding Ursula series, which chronicles eighty years of Canadian history through the eyes of the Werners, a family of German Lutheran pacifists who fled Russia to pioneer the windswept Saskatchewan prairie.





kimmydon2Kimberly Gould hates being called Kimmy, but her mom called her Kimmydonn and that was okay. She lives in Edmonton with her husband and daughter. She works part-time as an environmental consultant and uses the left over hours as an author. She has published three novels, Cargon: Honour and Privilege, it’s sequel, Cargon: Duty and Sacrifice, as well as Thickness of Blood.Find her at: her website, Facebook, & Twitter

Cargon Duty and Sacrifice FINAL front COVER 1-14-13In a post-apocalyptic world, Eve has discovered power of more than one nature. In Honour and Privilege, Eve became heir to the throne.

In Duty and Sacrifice, she explores and defines the power of the elite. At the same time, electricity is being harnessed for the first time in centuries, providing the first glimpse into the ancient people who left the world as it exists.

The horror of this revelation could shake their society as much or more than a servant becoming monarch.

Cargon: Duty & Sacrifice is Book II of the Cargon series.

ErikaHeadshotIntrigued and mesmerized by suspense and horror, the idea of “creatures” coming to life at night was a thrilling idea, which triggered her career. Erika resides in a quaint hamlet northwest of Edmonton, Alberta with her husband and dog where dark country nights add to her nightmarish and twisting plots.


MOBfrontcoverAfter surviving the streets of Montreal for most of his life, Stone Rossi was beaten and left to die. Like a dark angel who sought to end his suffering, his life was left to the capricious desires of a vampire. Seeing that Stone refused to die peacefully, Mylana admired his will to survive. Leaving his humanity intact, she took him in. Fate tore his life asunder when against his will, and Mylana’s, he was embraced into the immortal family. Following his chaotic transformation, Stone falls for Olivia, a mortal woman who stirs a deadly obsession.

While unknown to Stone and others at La Maison Chantonnay, vampires are being tortured and eviscerated. With these grotesque murders making headlines, a new sovereignty is formed to combat the unknown enemy. Willing to risk their lives, they must keep their existence in the shadows or suffer genocide at the hands of humans.

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Bronwen devotes her life to helping people understand the world of emotions, manners, and self-esteem. With a background in Child and Youth Care, Public Relations, and a Bachelor of Professional Arts, Bronwen has years of experience teaching and facilitating sessions. She has also taken a number of parenting courses, personality workshops, and psychology courses. A wife, and mother of two teen boys, Bronwen is a stay-at-home mom, community volunteer, writer, and entrepreneur. Currently has one novel and three picture books published. Another novel is seeking a publisher and two more are in progress. Find her online and on Twitter: @BlondeBrony

Written when Bronwen was 16 years old, Taking Control one girl’s journey from finding out she is pregnant to the delivery. How can Natalie have a baby when she is only 16? As Natalie explores her dreams and fears through journal entries, she finds herself connecting with the child. Seeking escape from the pressures, Natalie runs away to live with her older sister. Will she understand what Natalie is going through? As the months go by, Natalie knows she must face the reality of her pregnancy and decide what to do. The stigma of her pregnancy hits hard as Natalie finally understands the prejudice of her friends. No matter what, Natalie’s life will never be the same again.

Book availble through Lulu and Amazon: ISBN 978-1-105-11099-3 and as an ebook through smashwords and Amazon: ISBN 9781301731503

Gisele Jubinville liDSC_1591_5x7ves in St. Albert with her husband of forty years.  She has twenty-five years of business experience as part owner and operator of several companies. As an inventor, she sold a patent to a major bedding manufacturer in New York and is a co-inventor of other patented products that are manufactured and sold across North America.

Gisele’s success as an inventor and her story as a VLT addict-turned-researcher attracted much media attention, both local and national.  She was interviewed by ITV, ACCESS TV, CTV, CBC and GLOBAL TV and many newspapers across Alberta.  She was also featured in magazines such as Chatelaine, Lifestyles, Alive and The National Enquirer and also on the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and the Alberta Invention and Inventors websites. Find her at

Gisele is also a self-taught artist.  Her mediums of choice are acrylics, mixed media, pastels, and colored pencils. Her art has been shown and sold at the Art Beat Gallery in St. Albert. She continues to paint in her spare time and sells her paintings privately.  As a writer, Gisele had articles published in several magazines and is presently writing her second book ‘The Painted Truth; Artwork Commissioned by God’.

book cover imageFor most people, losing over $400,000 to a VLT addiction would be too devastating an experience from which to recover. Like many machine addicts, it nearly cost Gisele her life, her marriage, and everything she worked so hard for. She would just be another statistic, if not for the tiny seed of a thought, an ever-present nudging that told her something was not right with the machines that were ripping her life apart.

In this remarkable memoir of courage, determination, and liberation, Gisele’s intuition leads her on a fact-finding, soul-searching journey that ends her addiction and helps her to expose a government cover-up. Dismissed is an inspiring true story filled with serendipitous twists and inspiring moments of courage that will speak to anyone who wishes to overcome the seemingly unconquerable.

Pat TruedeauThe author of four mystery novels, Patricia Trudeau, retired teacher, continues to write fiction and is anticipating the publication of a fifth novel in the Agnes Carroll, amateur sleuth series.  Moosehide Books of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, has been publishing her work since 2003. Find her books at Moosehead Books and at the St. Albert Library


Pat's Book CoverAttention diverted by a dirty white rag hanging over the rim of the life boat, she watched curiously as the fabric slid down the side as if someone were pushing it out of the boat.  The rag, caught against a dangling rope, showing red blotches around a green shape on the soiled white background.  ‘A tie-dyed tee shirt?’

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