SAPL Author Reading Night – Giselle Jubinville

Gisele Jubinville liDSC_1591_5x7ves in St. Albert with her husband of forty years.  She has twenty-five years of business experience as part owner and operator of several companies. As an inventor, she sold a patent to a major bedding manufacturer in New York and is a co-inventor of other patented products that are manufactured and sold across North America.

Gisele’s success as an inventor and her story as a VLT addict-turned-researcher attracted much media attention, both local and national.  She was interviewed by ITV, ACCESS TV, CTV, CBC and GLOBAL TV and many newspapers across Alberta.  She was also featured in magazines such as Chatelaine, Lifestyles, Alive and The National Enquirer and also on the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and the Alberta Invention and Inventors websites.

Gisele is also a self-taught artist.  Her mediums of choice are acrylics, mixed media, pastels, and colored pencils. Her art has been shown and sold at the Art Beat Gallery in St. Albert. She continues to paint in her spare time and sells her paintings privately.  As a writer, Gisele had articles published in several magazines and is presently writing her second book ‘The Painted Truth; Artwork Commissioned by God’.

Visit her online or at digibooks.

book cover imageFor most people, losing over $400,000 to a VLT addiction would be too devastating an experience from which to recover. Like many machine addicts, it nearly cost Gisele her life, her marriage, and everything she worked so hard for. She would just be another statistic, if not for the tiny seed of a thought, an ever-present nudging that told her something was not right with the machines that were ripping her life apart.

In this remarkable memoir of courage, determination, and liberation, Gisele’s intuition leads her on a fact-finding, soul-searching journey that ends her addiction and helps her to expose a government cover-up. Dismissed is an inspiring true story filled with serendipitous twists and inspiring moments of courage that will speak to anyone who wishes to overcome the seemingly unconquerable.

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