How texting helps us learn to read and write (Metro)

Jan 27 is Family Literacy Day in Canada, an awareness campaign 14 years ago by ABC Life Literacy Canada to raise awareness of the importance of reading as a family. That’s why my latest Metro column was focused on how my mother overcome her own low-literacy challenges. Hope you enjoy.

Two years ago I learned my mom was low-literate.

I’d always suspected it. She used to feign bad eyes when there was an important pamphlet in front of her, and hand it to me, her book-hungry son, to read. And whenever there was a wedding card for her to write I became her personal Dictaphone — on account of my “very nice writing,” of course.

It was only when she got an iPhone that I learned the limits to her English. Not even autocorrect could take the fall for her illegible texts. Often, just calling her was less of a hassle than decoding her patois. [read more]

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