Follow Up for – Tell Me a Story

Three things to remember about story and voice:

  1. In the beginning you write for yourself, but in the end, you write for your reader. So, when it comes to edits, ensure you know your genre, audience, word count, etc.
  2. Your voice is a mix of your world’s view, your life experiences, and your values/morals.
  3. Your characters are not reflections of you, though most writers will always leave a little bit of themselves on the page.

We’d talked about my Creative Non-Fiction piece, In My Skin, which you can read here.

For further reading/research,  take a look at the following:

Story by Robert McKee

The Key: How to Write Damn Good Fiction Using the Power of Myth, by James N. Frey

On Writing, by Stephen King


2 thoughts on “Follow Up for – Tell Me a Story

    • HaHaHa–you know what’s funny? Someone told me that friends & families always think they’re a character in the story, and the interesting thing is that the annoying people always think they’re one of the protagonists!

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