Hide and Seek Problems by 2A students from École Father Jan

Hide and Seek Problems

Once upon a time, three little raccoons named Carter, Lisa, and Rocky decided to play hide and go seek. “Don’t go too far and come back at 7:30pm for supper,” said their mom.

They ran out into the sunny day to look for their friends, Rebecca and Bob. They found their friends in a wheat field. “Do you want to play hide and seek with us?” asked Carter. “For sure!” Rebecca’s whiskers shook with excitement.

The five raccoons ran to a street with lots of trees. Carter counted to twenty while his friends hid. Rocky went to hide in a large trash can. Bob, Lisa and Rebecca scampered to a sewer opening. They crawled in between the grill, wriggling and squashing their fury bodies to get inside. Then they waited. “Oh my gosh, what a great hiding place”, said Lisa. They waited half hour before they realized that their hiding spot was so good, no one could find them! It was starting to get dark.

“We have to get out of here,” said Bob, who was afraid. They tried to get out of the sewer but they were stuck! The little raccoons began to cry. It was almost time for dinner – it was 7:15pm.

Meanwhile, Rocky and Carter went to their moms and told them what happened. Then the mommies came to help search for them. They found them at the sewer, crying. The mommies hooked the raccoons under their arms and pulled them out.

They all went home and ate supper together. Then they went to bed.

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8 thoughts on “Hide and Seek Problems by 2A students from École Father Jan

  1. That is a great story! I love the pictures too. Those little racoons are so fortunate to have such good friends and loving mommies.

  2. Great story kids. I was really worried for the raccoons when they were trapped, good thing their friends were smart enough to go get their moms to help! Thanks for sharing, and keep up all the great work!

  3. You had me on the edge of my seat! I’m sure glad their moms came to the rescue. Thanks for sharing the great pictures. This also helped to bring the story to life. Well done grade 2’s!

  4. This is a great story! There is lots of drama with the raccoons getting stuck. I was very happy when the moms came to rescue them. Also, the raccoons sound really cool and the drawings are great.

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