Ms. Kaptein-Miller’s Grade Two Class Story

The cool thing about this story isn’t just the story itself, but that readers get a chance to see some of the editing process that the grade Twos did in order to make their story the best it could be. (The highlighted words were discussed/changed so that the most descriptive one was used).

As a reader, I really appreciate it when writers take their time and work hard to give me an amazing story–thanks so much, Grade Twos!





5 thoughts on “Ms. Kaptein-Miller’s Grade Two Class Story

  1. Great story kids, I loved all the surprises like the dancing monkey and Teddy bear. I’m happy to see you paid so much attention to your editing, you did a great job. All those adjectives really make the story come alive!

  2. You came up with many wonderful adjectives to describe the scene. Well done! Your imagination and creativity made the story magical.
    Personally, I loved that the monkey danced Gangam style. I could picture this and it made me laugh!

  3. You all worked so hard to make this story the very best that it could be. That is outstanding. I applaud your hard work. Keep it up!

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