Neil M. Ross – Mrs. Riemann’s Grade Two Class Story

The Fight of Jack and Jamie for the Magic Carrot

One hot, summer day a superhero hamster named Jamie flew to China. She had to save a hat store from a super villain named Jack. He liked to look fancy and he had one hundred heads. So Jack liked to wear all kinds of hats. He loved top hats and DC hats and cowboy hats. Plus, he liked money. So he was going to steal the store’s hats and money. Cha-ching!

Jamie landed on the busy street in the town. She ran into the crowded store and grabbed Jack by his short, chubby arm. She lifted him above her head and said, “Stop stealing!”

“Mwahahahaha!” laughed Jack. “It’s you who should surrender or die!” Then he pulled the freeze ray from his jacket pocket and turned her to ice!

Jack climbed down and chipped away the ice by Jamie’s pocket. Then he reached inside and stole one of her special, super-power-giving carrots. This carrot was orange with a million black glittering lines on it. Plus, it made a high boing-boing noise.

Jamie used her laser vision to bore a hole in the ice and zapped the carrot from his fingers. Then she used her lasers to free herself. Jamie grabbed for the carrot, but Jack got it first. But then Jack dropped it! Jamie grabbed the carrot and devoured it!

“You know,” said Jack. “I am never going to win, so I may as well join you.”

“I don’t want to fight you either. You’ll be my side-kick and I’ll be your master.”

Then Jamie gave Jack a super-power-giving carrot and he never stole again.

The End

9 thoughts on “Neil M. Ross – Mrs. Riemann’s Grade Two Class Story

  1. Note to readers: There was quite the discussion about the use of the word “master” over “leader.” In the end, democracy prevailed and the word was chosen. Great work, Grade Twos. I loved helping you create this story!

  2. Great story kids, I was very excited as I read to find out what would happen with Jamie and her magic carrot. It’s good to see you had a discussion over which word to use (master or leader). Sometimes one choice of word can really change the feeling of a story, way to put some thought into it!

  3. Superhero hamsters are awesome! You got my imagination working in overdriver. Cha-ching!!! Another awesome story Grade 2s, keep up the great work!

  4. Wow, this story has everything — hamsters, lasers and magic carrots! I love that it’s packed with action (I think I gasped when Jack pulled out his freeze ray). Lots of detail, great use of sound words and a peaceful ending. I might start eating more carrots now too …

  5. This story was really interesting and very cute. I liked how you had a boy and a girl as the main characters, it’s nice to see when the villian and the hero are different. I loved that Jamie had laser vision and could fly. And I really got a kick out of the fact that Jack had so many heads and really liked hats – it made me laugh when I thought of him trying to look good by wearing so many. My favorite part though was the description of the special carrots. You don’t always need to explain everything because some things just are the way they are and those carrots were pretty amazing! I wish I could see a picture of them. Keep it up! Great job!

  6. I love the suspense you created in this story. Also, I was very happy that good concurred evil – mshahahaha!
    Great word choices. The well thought out plot and interesting characters, kept the reader involved and wanting more!
    Well done!

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